OOXML heat is burning

The Office Open XML (more commonly known as "OOXML") which develops by MS is rolling big into Malaysia market. In early of 2008, there are couple of case study mention about Malaysia’s ISV developing their solution to support OOXML. As the debating issues going on, OpenMalaysiaCommunity also posted their comments to reject the idea of OOXML been file as a standard.

I’m currently leading a R&D centre in Malaysia to developing solution for our customer in Europe Market. Some of the European countries vote "No" for the filling the OOXML as a international standard. Should I start looking into the possibility to switch away my solutions to "not" support OOXML?

of course is "NO, OOXML is good for me!"

I will continue the development on OOXML.

Business is always realistic about money. If my customer is comfortable using MS office 2007 and you want me to move them away into other products (like OpenOffice)?  Then my customer subsequently need to learn the OpenOffice again? When my customer is so productive using the MS Office 2007, is it a good idea for them to make them learn something new and become unproductive?

I think for my situation from ISV point of view, OOXML is great and we still will continue stick to the development.

As for business reader in this blog. I urge you to think from business perspective whether the OOXML suite you or not. If your customer are already using MS Office, there is no reason why you don’t support OOXML.

Concern the following thoughts.

  • customer learn another product again (eg: Open Office). No matter how easy is the tools there are still a learning curve. Users are refuse to learn new stuff. Do remember not all your users are IT graduates.
  • Even tough there is some add-on available for Office to open OpenXML format but there are still a additional time needed. And of course it might make your installation process more complicated.
  • If OOXML can satisfied your need, why not?


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2 responses to “OOXML heat is burning

  1. Eliza

    Yo Ah-so,
    Agreed that OOXML offers innovation and business opportunities to the many. Unfortunately, many don\’t see it that way and see it as a lock-in program by the \’giant\’.
    I would use OOXML for my development work for sure. It saves a alot of cost for me and my customers. However, many doesn\’t see it that way and compares the former with ODF. Nothing against ODF.. but my story will continue.

  2. Walter

    As long as it benefit the the customer then the question is why not? It also showing to market that the vendor(or the \’giant\’) trying to give more innovation and choices. It is important to put in more choices to the market IF it is really OPEN. THe end of the day is the Customer who build up the market. The choices is in their hand. Whether they prefer OOXML and ODF, let them evaluate.
    Seems like some of the folks are not happy with the ex-SIRIM folk who commenting on TC4.
    well……… let\’s see how the heat burn.
    **** back to development according to plan ……… ***

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