New milestone – MVP for Developer Security

Received email from MVP Lead that presenting MVP Award to me. Cool! I was been nominated (….. or nominated myself hahaha) in January 2008. After their quarterly review, finally I been awarded. Well, what exactly is MVP?

What is an MVP?

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals are individuals who are recognized by peers as well as by Microsoft for past credible participation, highest quality answers and a demonstrated willingness to share their Microsoft technical expertise with others while providing guidance and assistance in peer-to-peer technical communities worldwide.

While these individuals represent a wide variety of backgrounds and professions, MVPs share the basic characteristics of possessing very strong technical skills in one or more Microsoft products or technology areas. Microsoft MVPs also possess the willingness to share that knowledge with others.

Selected contributors earn their MVP status by being nominated by their peers in the community, Microsoft Support Professionals, or Microsoft Product Group members who have seen consistent, professional and accurate technical answers or guidance in response to customer questions.

Thinking back, I has been spending some of time by sharing with local crowd on how to write secure code during their development process. SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, AJAX hacking and etc. Those are the common attack which I introduce during my talk. This year again I will be presenting in TechEd SEA 2008 to talk more about secure coding. Make sure you catch me there.

There are only 27 MVPs (or some of them didn’t put in their profile) who focus on developer security and you can find most of them here. Stay tune in this blog for more security related information.


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3 responses to “New milestone – MVP for Developer Security

  1. Azra Rizal

    Hey Walter,
    Congratulation bro.
    Looking forward to work with you.

  2. Wen Ching

    Congratulations. Wow 27 MVPs on that area. Very good.

  3. Walter

    Hi Wen Ching,
    It is fun to look into developer security and also very challenging.
    Hi Azra,
    Ya, we should look into how developer\’s security and IT Pro\’s security knowledge compliment each others and can share it with the community.

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