WPF Picture Viewer Control

Something simple, something small but definitely something Useful.

A WPF Picture Viewer Control that can be use in both Windows Form and WPF App. 

You can download the source code here

When you want to use it in Windows Form, you need to have a ElementHost control to host the WPF control. Just like the screen capture show.  In order to pass in the Folder Path to the control you just need to do it in 1 line code.

CType(Me.ElementHost1.Child, PictureViewerControl.PictureViewer).FolderName = "c:\windows\web\wallpaper"

Feel free to try it out. Hope you enjoy the code.


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4 responses to “WPF Picture Viewer Control

  1. darren

    Cool little control, good job!

  2. Walter

    You are welcome, feel free to customize it.

  3. Ajay

    how can i download the code? whenever i clink on the link its asked me for the login credentials for gainsecure.net? Kindly help!

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