Meet me at TechEd SEA 2008

I blog about my speaking engagement in TechEd SEA 2008 a month ago here. Sadly there is no feedback about what topic you want to hear. Anyway there are 2 topics that already nailed down. You can find some of the topics in this year TechEd here.

A developer who hacks your application
A live hacking session demonstrating the different types of tools and techniques used by hackers. Come and understand in-depth the problems of unsecure application and the solutions to solve the vulnerability. If you are not aware of these problems, you must attend this session!

Ultimate Data Visualization Experience with WPF
Come and learn how to leverage the power of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to visualize complex data. This session explores the tips-and-tricks you need to develop various types of WPF applications. It also demonstrates the collaboration of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 WPF Designer and Microsoft Expression Blend.

Yes you heard me right – hack your application from developer perspective. Well…. the idea is not teach you how to hack but teach you how to write code securely. If you miss my session at last year TechEd, you should be attending this session this time.

If you haven’t register for TechEd SEA 2008, you should enroll now. It is really worth for money, believe it or not, enroll today!

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