Feedback on TechEd SEA 2008 – Security Topic


I got my session feedback today on both of my presentation in TechEd last week.

Some of the comments really catch my eye and I would like to give my feedback on the comments.

Below are some of the interesting comments

"A bit fast :p" – I will try to control my speed next time, this year most probably too many demos so little time 😉

"old techniques, miss some important parts" – this topic is different from other topics which cover the latest technology. This topic cover the foundation and basic of programming. Even though is old but it still very dangerous

"Walter Wong teaches hack, Next Tech.Ed bring him back. / So little demos so little crime, just one hour? That’s a crime. " – Hey this is not a hacking session, it is a education on WHY you should write secure code.

Anyway Thank you very much for attending my sessions. Feel free to contact me at

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