Opening Vacancy for Software Developer

Well need to hijack my blog to post the following jobs ad. My company Gain Secure,  is looking for .Net Developer.

You can apply this post IF

  • interest to work with Cool Technology to solve people’s problem
  • interest to work with the expert
  • working experience – 0-2 years (this is NOT a senior post)
  • solve the following question – write a function/pseudocode to swap values of 2 variables

then send your resume


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5 responses to “Opening Vacancy for Software Developer

  1. Neo

    haiya~~ why discover your blog so late
    i will visit this blog offen:)

  2. Walter

    if you still interest do email me.

  3. Neo

    hehe i not newbis lo i already 7 year in vb 3 year in c#i only interest your article because my company is doing game card distribute many game pini alway face to hacker problem 🙂  

  4. Walter

    distribute game pin….. sounds challenging to deal with huge traffic.
    I\’m glad that my blog do help you "a little" bit.

  5. Neo

    hehe u keep update some security issue will often here


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