Win32 API Guru is Blogging!

Nowadays, many developer might forgot about what is Win32 API and don’t appreciate the API. Well, it is because a lot of things has been take care by .Net Framework.

Had you ever wondering, when you run the code below, what has been trigger to ask the OS to show you a window?

Dim Form1 as New Form()

At the bottom line is all about Win32 API. The problem is coding with Win32API is quite difficult. Fortunately, my peer aka Bugslayer is the expert in this field. Win32API is his forte!

He started to blog few days ago, stay tune for some interesting contents from his blog.

His blog is known as NTStatus (wondering why? refer Win32API)


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2 responses to “Win32 API Guru is Blogging!

  1. Neo

    haha actaully microsoft is 宠坏 programer like the linq i swear i wont go back to ado.netsorry my english not good 🙂

  2. Walter

    Hi,It is not really spoil the programmer, just that MS try to come out with a standard language for common data access like XML, Oracle, MYSQL or SQL server.if you don\’t learn T-SQL you still need to learn LINQ 🙂 just that if you know LINQ you do not need to learn PL-SQL again

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