Password Strength DLL Available!

Through my career in the IT field for pass few years, I had been educating the IT users to strengthening  their password. However there are many different views about this topic. How to define strong? That is always the question raised up by some developers. The algorithm will be vary through different security experts.

In one of my recent project, I required to build a module to store username and password. I bump into this question again. So I’m go ahead and built a DLL to check how strong is the password.

The Algorithm is following the “Tips for creating strong passwords and passphrases” by Windows 7

User must have the following criteria to define the password strength

  • at least 8 characters
  • must contain Uppercase
  • must contain Lowercase
  • must contain Number (0-9)
  • must contain Symbol


The password strength levels are




Imports GainSecure.Toolkit.Security.Password


Dim PasswordLevel As String  = PasswordStrength(yourpassword).ToString

You are welcome to download the DLL and Sample Code (in VB.Net) at here

*** the DLL is not workable with Silverlight application. ***


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One response to “Password Strength DLL Available!

  1. Murad

    Hi walter,i think u should make it functional in Silverlight !.. yeahhh

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