Windows Phone 7.5 Live Tiles

WP7 provides a very different user experience compare with android and iOS. One of the obvious difference is Live tile. The new way of visualize the notifications or alerts seems caught a lot of users attention. The clear, clean (and HUGE font) seems very usable to a lot of users.


As a developer, I’m trying to implement the notifications similar to live tiles into my application. After rounds of research, I’m shock that the SDK does provides a way to do notification for the count BUT the looks and feel seems like iOS or Android!!!!

image iPhone

image Android

image Default Tiles update from WP7.1 SDK

Don’t you think the looks and feel are similar to the other 2 platforms? So, if you trying to do something like the following using existing library it going to be the roller coaster ride


After days of research, I decided to come out with a library to achieve something that looks like WP7 native applications (such as Mail, text, calls)



Download the GainSecure.WindowsPhone.dll

Prepare a icon with white color path and transparent background. ***please set the icon to 80×80 pixels ***


Add the icon file into existing project


Set the Build Action into Content


Create a ShellTile object


Create an object of the LiveTile and add the handler to manage the event when tile is generated


Create a BitmapImage object


Setting the following properties to the liveTile object


Once the properties been set, we can generate the tile by run the Generate() method


Once the tile been generated, we can receive the generated tile in LiveTile_TileGenerated event



The tutorial above will shows result as below



You can refer the full source code here






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4 responses to “Windows Phone 7.5 Live Tiles

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  2. Alexander

    Hi. What if I want to have a gradiant green background and a icon that has black border.

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